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Getting Busy

of course i should be busy!!everyone is busy with their life, and everyone is posting shout out on facebook and twitter about how tiring school is, how lame making papers is, how nice meeting president clinton is, how incredible changing diapers is, how fun being a tool is, everyone is just simply busy with everything and whatnot.

I also am supposed to be busy!i have a paper to do, discussion pointers to prepare, and a whole bunch of numbers to understand.

meh. i do everything just a night before. because studying is not my priority now. making jewelries is. bwahahaha.

right. so i saw my friend is connected to this jewelry maker in jakarta, and omg, so expensive!so i said to myself, why not. lets make beautiful jewelries and scoop in the money! and then i went to Alpha stationery in Namdaemun, spent money equal to some wearable korean shoes price on pricey beads, chains, pliers, wires, ribbons, headbands, and some more fukin beads.
and of course i really had no idea what to do with them afterward. omg such a waste of money, you say??exactly. but i am (usually) smarter than the average idiots so it took me no longer than 2 weeks to start producing beautiful masterpiece(s).

my first completed product

there are several more, but you can check them on my facebook album. if you bother to, that is.

btw im having this disgust feeling after reviewing a chapter of statistics book. i need antidote. or antistatistics.

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