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So how much do i have to pay?

don’t you just hate it when it’s time to open your wallet and shove that card or cash to the cashier?and what i hate more is when you pay using credit card, you feel bad twice. the second one of course would be by the time you get the bill.

I’m paying now. the bill has come and now is the time for me to pay. daaaaaannggg. no, im not talking about money. even tho, yes, my electric and gas bills are overdue. again. 😦 whose idea was that for me to live alone?im not ready for this taking care of a household thing.
so despite the euphoria, placebo effect of 2 days of drinking binge, everything is asking for its toll. and oh my, what a huge bill.
I’m losing my voice, now i sound even sexier than ever with a sore husky voice. I totally feel like shyt, for constant feel of puking the whole day. and coming back to an empty room doesnt help. man i’m as lonely as a dowager in the forbidden city. without the pretty clothes and the maids. and jay chou.

no, no jay chou in 지산2동.

so here i am left alone with the residue of my sunday breakfast (a can of bud) and dinner (tender chicken from  BK).  ah~the awesomeness of life. and yes, budweiser was one of the very first things got into my stomach today. shoot me.

it was not until the halloween party was  over last night, that i realised i had a stranger’s bank card in my hand.

this guy was wasted, and craving for pancakes, he produced the card from his crotch beneath his black tights (nono dont ask, it was halloween. ) and dropped it on the ground, and of course continued being tipsy wasted. a good-natured person that i am, i took the card (touching it as less as possible, dear gawd, it was on his crotch!), and never intended to ever come near his crotch to put the card back, i slipped it into the plastic wrap of my cig pack (i lost several cards this way, but i never learn.), and then totally forgot about it. I was thinking to give it back after a while, but nooo. the card wanted to be mine, i think that was the message it was trying to tell me.

so long story short, i realised i still had the card way too late. next thing in the morning, i searched this person on facebook, found someone under the right name from the right city, and tossed my two cent that this would be the right person.  and so off i went downtown on a holy mission, giving back someone’s hard-earned money that he lost due to his halfwitness getting drunk on a halloween night.  oh my sunday.  and thats how i got budweiser as my breakfast. i only had two tiny mandus at home before i left, and this guy offered me a beer under the bright october afternoon sky. why not, eh? and being a cheapskate, this dimwit bought me a can of bud from mini stop and we drank sitting on the pavement outside the store and talked about nonsense.  oh yeah chowdy. thats how we roll in south jeolla province.  (damn i hope he wont find this page by accident) met eddie and javier and his girl while sitting there btw.

so yeah went back home felt even sicker than before. facing the computer again, email:  nothing good. facebook : as boring as it can be. dailysquee and failbook: nothing new. bbc: still burns my brain. and holy crap!


I’m hating my computer, there’s nothing good it brings cept for false hope and stress. huh. i restrained myself from throwing it onto the wall and crush it optimus prime would definetely do because…well..because it would be expensive to pay all the damage. and im broke, darlings. i really am. oh how this life has drained me inside out. someone send me a dog, please. saw a black labrador pup walking down the downtown street too. oh~~adorable!!

and here some snaps of gwangju downtown on a sunday afternoon. didn’t get the puppy shoot.


I’m a really nice person. Basically.

I never really mean to hurt anyone without any valid reasons, i can promise you that. So i beg you not to make me sad 😦 so we can have a cheerful world where everyone is happy and jumping around barefooted on the grass.

Today, I was being insulted, for a very worthless reason. People of the internet, I’m officially sad and loosing faith in humanity.


shit happens, and im not loosing anything. oh, i lost a friend on facebook. well yeah, a facebook friend’s gotta do what a facebook friend’s gotta do. that is, defriend mean-and-not-so-cool friends. yes, i only friend with cool people. i know..i know..

right now, off to bed, seeking remedy in peace, with only one tiny problem. living in the most prestigious level of the building, peace is not really a word in mind when its raining. My top floor presidential suite is prone to heavy blow of wind which right now, is crazily thumping on my fragile windows. oooohhh i hope this place will last another year, at least till i graduate.

tomorrows another day!another dinner to cook!

Went Home

i just went back to indonesia for some urgent case. but mind you, being the cheapest cheapskate you could ever meet, as urgent as it was, it didnt stop me from buying the cheapest ticket i could get, even tho it did cost me 11 hours of lay off in hongkong with their unfriendly officer ladies. and all those 3 pin sockets, gawd. my laptop battery lasted only the very first half an hour of my transit time, and theres no way i could recharge the battery cos everything was 3 pin socket, and it was over 11 PM, meaning the mummys of the shop owners at the airport already called them to go back home and sleep, leaving me with empty battery and excruciating boredom.
i landed at 1 PM in Jakarta, and hellooooo sauna!mad hot and humid, that was the country i love to the bone (minus the corrupts and stupid and uniformed people)! took a travel car to Jakarta downtown, where i was supposed to meet my sister, in a hype mall where aspiring young career people and their blackberries and nine west heels spend their times at lunch, dinner, weekends, between office hours, and whenever they wanna look like young aspiring career people.
and i hadnt showered for two days.
with the orange backpack, winter jacket, lousy cardigan, a sneaker, and an oily exhausted face that might make the young aspiring career people cringe, i rested my ass off in starbucks. i had no cellphone, just a laptop and sucky wifi that i had to use to communicate with my sister whod pick me up after her meeting. which apparently was like 2 hours later. i was so hungry that i forced my tired ass to move to Ta Wan, guess it was pretty popular cos ive heard my friends who are now young aspiring career people talk about it since years ago. (FYI, even back then i didnt really hang out in the malls).
And my. what was so popular about it??i had some kinda noodle. the kind of noodle that tasted and looked exactly like any kind a noodle you can get anywhere. i also had this mushroom thing, and some veggie thing. all just so-so. but maybe if youre a young aspiring career person, you cant miss what other young aspiring career people have had.
and so Kiki, my sister came. we headed to her place to proceed to my parents’.

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