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when the day starts with rain

there aint nothing good can happen, eh?or maybe not. well my day started just as fucked up as it can be. i was waiting just to get the hell outta here, i would kill to get some lunch 50 meters away from this shithole, but hey!just stay in the darkroom!its raining!youll get wet and shit!
damn tell me that im an adult and totally responsible for whatever is happening in my life. ive got one of the most boring vacations ever in my life, and i can totally blame myself for that. when i choose one thing, i leave out another thing, i can totally understand that, and thats my choice. so whatever happens i should be happy cos hey?i chose to do that. right?riiiight. i have no right to complain whatsoever, cos your life is your fully responsibility. right?riiight.
so this is what im gonna do. imma get dressed and get a very nice lunch and spend the day with one sole purpose : not hating the world. rain?fuck that shit.
oh and last night was windy’s farewell party. heard it was pretty cool. i must be sitting here alone staring at the monitor when all the hype went on. the story of my life. ill do better next time.


I Do Cook

and oh my its not always edible. my first attempt to cook for LOD was a uber salty fried rice with hardrock jelly pudding as dessert. next few attempts involved too much salt, overcooked, undercooked, hard pudding (again), too much salt, and too much salt. and mind you, my mum did send me to a cooking class. and pastry class. and chocolate making class. she would also send me to a wedding cake class if only i wasnt busy making my long overdue thesis.
and just now, i cooked. i was planning not to ever waste ingredients and food anymore, but under some certain circumstances, i was forced to cook my own food. tonight, i was left alone like a poor house cat left without catnip, or dog without kibbles. LOD left me with nothing to consume. i did buy KFC and rice, but excuse moi, if you know me , then you can that i’m growing. i need more food.
and so i had to cook. got shrimp and broccoli. got the recipe from the internet. not all, but hey, if you dont have seafood sauce you can always replace it with any sauce with the same colour, no?




voila! looks not that good, but it doesnt matter. taste does matter. and the taste?

you might have got it right. too very salty, bitches.

fuck it. fuck the fuckin fuckin shrimp.

in the whole different story, i was disgracefully wasted last night in front of a pair of total strangers who happened to be christian’s co-workers. or soon, ex-coworkers. it was supposed to be their mini farewell party, and ohmy i just love makkoli and couldnt hold my horses and got fukin inebriated by it in no time. shame on me.

back in seoul for the rest of the holiday

im a bum. no, seriously. im homeless. had checked out of the dorm, but havent moved in yet to the new apartment. so until the new semester begins, i will live relying upon the lord of dipshitness’ mercy in seoul. nothing much worth writing so far, cept that my only hangout friend in gwangju is moving to finland this week. and whats a bigger pressure than seeing people moving on, leaving me stranded in a shithole all by myself. -insert all by myself by celine dion here and barf-

thats a video taken by christian of me freakin out on the crazy house in seoulland last week. man, cant blame me for that!the house was a total crazy and not lekker at all!even all the kids that we rode together with couldnt say a word cos they were too scared!!

you see that?you see that???thats an extreme ride that will pump your adrenaline!!the crazy house!the fukin extreme crazy house!

Angus? and my sunday so called valentine date

i wonder how he’s doing alone in my dorm?
and i went to seoulland and jimjilbang today! details coming up. too tired.

from tomntoms gwacheon

been almost 2 weeks here in seoul slash gwacheon, with nothing much happens so far. cept for the nonstop rain for few days, and pretty heavy snowfall this morning.and terrormight concert, which i didnt really see cos i was late and only catch maybe 30 seconds of their gig. and a pretty rough night..ooohh how i long for a nice peaceful sleep.
so im at tomntoms watching american idol 9 on youtube. nothing much to watch on the hollywood round. just judges saying yes and no and abit of stage performances.
gotta say staying in one place too long maybe not a wweallly good idea. at one point youd just worn out and numbminded, and all the frustration would just come out and splash around the wrong places. speaking from my own experience. i almost blew out of boredom in my last years of university, which was no wonder since i spent 6 fukin years of my life dabbling in poor grades and truck emission.
and ive spent like an hour here at tomntoms smoking room and hell thats way too long for me, im feeling restless and my body is trembling as im typing this. the latter might be because i havent got anything to eat since 7 hours ago, and my…whatever i ordered here, doesnt help.
and ohmygawd it was a journey to come here all the way. it was snowing and some parts of the road is pretty slippery, and im wearing my newest lace-up boots which have never seen snow since i bought it a month ago, so i was walking in snail-pace cos i wasnt sure if the sole is rough enough for the snow. gawd. what a very inneresting topic to write.

and just cant get enough of dog photos!

cute puppy pictures
see more dog and puppy pictures

cute puppy pictures
see more dog and puppy pictures

holiday..oh holiday

so since im gonna be in seoul for the coming few days spending my holiday in true style of laziness, i wont post anything on the blog, my dear loyalmaybenonexistentreaders.

the korean class is finally over, maybe to become my last ever korean class. come to think about it, i feel kinda sad, cos it all started about 1 year ago, my first korean language course, and now nothing at all. and my korean still sucks..oh well..

jump to 3:00 to see me speak in lousy korean.

and now the remaining 1 month of holiday!yeey!
yesterday i went to a concert, mm..yeah. a concert. pretty loud concert but guess im just getting used to it. but not about paying the entry fee tho..omg thats the hardest part of going to live gigs. lord of dipshitness has the video, but think ive gotta have the courtesy to ask for permission before posting it on my blog.

and now time to enjoy the holiday! laundry! dishes!