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The Lord Has Gone!!

..into oblivion…not. Thanks to Skype, and not so thanks to the crappy MSN. The Lord of Dipshitness aka the boyfriend just moved to Copenhagen on the first of September. Pretty sentimental cos the day marked the start of our (then) new life in Korea, when we started the school back in 2008. And he ended his Korean life right on the same date. ah~life..
And then there were none, but me. No more trips to seoulslashgwacheon every weekend or so, no more..hm yeah, all in all the meaning of his presence in Korea was just that i got to go to Seoul every weekend without spending much for accommodation.
jk. I know he reads this stuff. Joking, My Lord!!please don’t cyber whip me with your cyber belt!

Anyway, yeah..back in Gwangju now. Ah~so hard to see a departure, especially when you’re the one left behind. Everything is so near yet so far. Remembering good times when we were living in Sinchon.  Wondering will you ever go back to Gwacheon, the city we want to live in forever (i didn’t make that up, it’s really their tagline). How the pretty cat we usually fed tuna and spam and cheese will miss us.  Oh and the band. The death metal band. How I’m so gonna miss sitting there at the club watching the gig, trying to stay awake and look like an enthusiastic fan/girlfriend. Seriously, death metal makes me sleepy.

This kinda makes me wanna sing Nelly Furtado’s why do all good things come to an end..come to an end..

To add the sentimental value, here’s a photo of us, in our romantic as per usual state:

by the look of his veins, think he really wanted to beat the crap out of me.

yeah yeah be good there, Bibi..

(and the goddamn budaejjigae *shiver* the only good thing about his leaving is that I don’t have to eat it anymore).


I’m a really nice person. Basically.

I never really mean to hurt anyone without any valid reasons, i can promise you that. So i beg you not to make me sad 😦 so we can have a cheerful world where everyone is happy and jumping around barefooted on the grass.

Today, I was being insulted, for a very worthless reason. People of the internet, I’m officially sad and loosing faith in humanity.


shit happens, and im not loosing anything. oh, i lost a friend on facebook. well yeah, a facebook friend’s gotta do what a facebook friend’s gotta do. that is, defriend mean-and-not-so-cool friends. yes, i only friend with cool people. i know..i know..

right now, off to bed, seeking remedy in peace, with only one tiny problem. living in the most prestigious level of the building, peace is not really a word in mind when its raining. My top floor presidential suite is prone to heavy blow of wind which right now, is crazily thumping on my fragile windows. oooohhh i hope this place will last another year, at least till i graduate.

tomorrows another day!another dinner to cook!

oh hi, good morning!

its 7.30 AM, havent slept at all, and exams in 2 hours, tried to count the sheep, but i lost interest after the 5th sheep. sheeps are boring. i also tried to peel the dry skin on my sole but damn thats a bit gross. so i decided to write something. some crap. but before, a doze of little nice world i really need :

funny pictures of dogs with captions
see more dog and puppy pictures

cute pictures of puppies with captions
see more dog and puppy pictures

im quite into dogs. very much.
so yeah. dont you ever wish you have this pensieve bowl like the one in Harry Potter, just so you can put your thoughts in it and rest yourself with a blank head. and you know how those yoga people always tell you to empty your mind. thats bullshit. i can never empty my mind. i dunno bout you tho. if someone tells me to empty my mind, my mind will be filled with “empty my mind…empty my mind…”

and of course you cannot even try to sleep when people are starting to dry their (looooooong) hair and walk around with heels tiktok-ing and of course a bit shouting here and there. pass me the remote control please, i need to mute them. or a gatling gun.
oh and yesterday north korea shot some cannon to open air. to their own water, not violating any border. which drew the reaction from south korean, also to shoot the cannon to open air, not violating the border. somehow i think that was not a necessarily effective non-verbal communication. cept maybe for the fishes. and porpoises. if theres any.

imma try to count dolphins now. over and out with this little cuteness :

funny pictures of dogs with captions
see more dog and puppy pictures