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very random

read and just realised its meaning:

” Live every moment,  laugh every day, and love beyond words”.


Doubutsu Uranai

Went for a peek to twitter and got to check this thing on Dita’s twitter. It analyzes personality and shyts after you input your birthday. it also gives you the animal that represents you!
I am a green elephant,

which is actually very purple and topless.
and this is me, according to Doubutsu Uranai :

You are Green Elephant, who is not pretentious and is a straightforward type of woman.
People rely on you a lot.
You tend to lack feminine flexibility and sensitivity, but because you don’t depend on men, you can go about your business calmly and without being too emotional.
You will not compromise, and your objective insight of things makes you look cruel and not having a charm.
But you are not a cruel person at all.
You like having your freedom, and just don’t want to be restricted.
You are not a shy person.
You will have lots of relationship with men, and you know what type you like.
You work hard and you learn hard.
You have flexibility to a certain extent, and will not be discouraged so easily.
Nevertheless, you take time in finding about yourself.
You love peace, and will not get into conflict.
You have perseverance, so if you get really angry, conflict will be protracted.
Your life is steady and you are an economic person.
You will not go buying things on impulse.
Although you are an active person, you tend to lack reading people’s feelings, so be careful not to become isolated.
You are a very straightforward person, and can act quickly.
But if you be too cautious, you tend not to be able to express your loving feelings.
Nevertheless, you are good at looking after others, and have lots of chance for romance.
After marriage, you will be good wife and a mother.

im pretty happy they dont say im a broke neurotic bitch. check Doubutsu Uranai