Monthly Archives: June 2010

A Question To Ponder

because i’m such a philosopher. how can you tell that you really know me?my life is so full of layers that if you peel it one by one youll always find something new about me. i move on, every single day i add new layer, but what makes my life today is the layers ive piled before. it is exciting to find the other self of someone’s, but it’s unnerving to realise that it’s almost impossible to really know someone, because there are just too many things to uncover. what im saying is, youve had the idea of who i am, but when i give substance to what ive become from who i was, you realise how abstract the complete me is to you and you most probably just have to say “oh, thats how your life rolled?but i shouldve known, of course” guess that will always make everyone’s a stranger to everyone. well..just talking bullshit.

niwei, im almost done with the semester.taking an early holiday. and tomorrows my 26th birthday and im completely frigid about it.