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Flat Broke Saturday (and some videos from Java Jazz)

so i just spent a fair good amount of money for some furniture. leaving it dry in entertainment department, thus opt out to whatever it is that involving spending more money for…well..simply everything. thought having stomach flu would help me save abit, but no 😦 even after AIG reimburse the hospital fee, there would be nothing much left..ah. life is hard. especially when youre a fukin poor student insisting living on your own.

so what happened last week?
i skipped class. there was only one class, but ohmygawd how my stomach just couldnt cooperate. there was also LOD’s birthday, and at the same time, his band concert. it was before the stomach flu, so i was pretty desperate to find out the the venue?the venue, my dear maybenonexistentreaders, was noalcoholnosmoking venue. whoever had the idea should be punished by forking his pisser.

and of course Alice in Wonderland, in Imax 3D. now if you ask me, Johnny Depp didnt even look better in 3D, so why bother. The story, was of course, not the original story of Alice in Wonderland, and rather, or should i say, very shallow. for me it was more like something to see, just to enjoy the colourful images -and the kitschy Red Queen-, and for the love of goggles, dont those 3D plastic glasses just so annoyingly giving you tickles on the ears and nose. i prefer watching movies without anything keep slipping down my flat nose, thank you.

and photo session with Ju Hui. it was on Sunday, before we went to watch Alice. it was supposed to be know with his super expensive new canon DSLR and all that. it was raining. dark and cold and bad mood since it was already 5 or 6 PM and we skipped one palace after palace to find one that was still open. I havent even seen the results yet. 세기 주휘야.

And of course there was the regular winter disease of LOD. He got common flu, at the very same time i got my stomach flu. Just that im almost over it, and he is still having it now. HA! this is one step closer to proving my theory that the Germans will surely be vanishing earlier, should the human race have another plague, due to their spoiled vulnerable bodies. another prove was that he got the swine flu, and i didnt, who was around when he had it. and also i can eat lots of spicy stuff. and raw veggies. and animal intestines. and shrimp tail. and i grew up with pineapple field in our backyard. whatever that means.

and just lots and lots of Castle and Dexter and soup.

so about the java jazz videos. as i said i took some timeout from keeping my dad company at the hospital to go to the largest jazz festival or as CNN sez “Java Jazz is one of the world’s largest bebop and boogie-woogie gatherings.”
didnt get to see John Legend and Toni Braxton, but i got to see these :

more videos on my youtube channel

thats all. saturday night home alone again. with lingering nausea and furniture to assemble. and just in case youre asking, Christian is currently at Asian Metal Festival in Seoul, with his running nose and banging headache, maybe trying to headbang to an Italian metal band called Graveworm. good luck with that!i hope he blows his nose once in a while.


Went Home

i just went back to indonesia for some urgent case. but mind you, being the cheapest cheapskate you could ever meet, as urgent as it was, it didnt stop me from buying the cheapest ticket i could get, even tho it did cost me 11 hours of lay off in hongkong with their unfriendly officer ladies. and all those 3 pin sockets, gawd. my laptop battery lasted only the very first half an hour of my transit time, and theres no way i could recharge the battery cos everything was 3 pin socket, and it was over 11 PM, meaning the mummys of the shop owners at the airport already called them to go back home and sleep, leaving me with empty battery and excruciating boredom.
i landed at 1 PM in Jakarta, and hellooooo sauna!mad hot and humid, that was the country i love to the bone (minus the corrupts and stupid and uniformed people)! took a travel car to Jakarta downtown, where i was supposed to meet my sister, in a hype mall where aspiring young career people and their blackberries and nine west heels spend their times at lunch, dinner, weekends, between office hours, and whenever they wanna look like young aspiring career people.
and i hadnt showered for two days.
with the orange backpack, winter jacket, lousy cardigan, a sneaker, and an oily exhausted face that might make the young aspiring career people cringe, i rested my ass off in starbucks. i had no cellphone, just a laptop and sucky wifi that i had to use to communicate with my sister whod pick me up after her meeting. which apparently was like 2 hours later. i was so hungry that i forced my tired ass to move to Ta Wan, guess it was pretty popular cos ive heard my friends who are now young aspiring career people talk about it since years ago. (FYI, even back then i didnt really hang out in the malls).
And my. what was so popular about it??i had some kinda noodle. the kind of noodle that tasted and looked exactly like any kind a noodle you can get anywhere. i also had this mushroom thing, and some veggie thing. all just so-so. but maybe if youre a young aspiring career person, you cant miss what other young aspiring career people have had.
and so Kiki, my sister came. we headed to her place to proceed to my parents’.

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