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And now it feels like..

constipation. which sadly is real. too gross?sorry, my space, my story. i had bananas today tho, heard it helps. werk it, bananas!

today i also dyed my hair. total failure, of course. wrong colour, and prolly wrong technique. also wrong day to do it. if only i’d known…id save this fail for another day.

It is dawning on me, that I don’t really have that much of happy stories in my blog. Life and its casualties, inevitably, put me in a not so good of a place these days.

I am supposed to be studying right now for the thesis qualification exam,  but i just finished one article without really understanding what on earth that piece of crap was talking about, so i decided to take a rest and refresh my mind, and try to be happy. or like id love to call it from now on: self-service happiness.  I am a filthy old lady 😉





apparently i’m not really good at this. self-service happiness.

ok. so there is this one song that always, well almost most of the time, brings me back to one of the happiest time spans in my life. I listened to it just now, and it did proliferate my mood meter. the song is Lucky from Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat.

Two years ago, my first autumn in Korea, (well heck, it was my first autumn everywhere) October 12th 2008, around 5 PM. I was sitting alone at the park in Yonsei University, trying to review the Korean books and do some homeworks. yes i was that much of a geek. I had my laptop on playing some music, and from its full-treble-no-bass speaker, came this song, and I smiled. or maybe not, I don’t remember exactly how my facial expression was, but I’m pretty much sure it must showed at least a tiny grin. What i remember exactly was that I knew it’s gonna be my song. I think i thought i was gonna be in love with my best friend. well he was there at that time, instead of being across the ocean, but hey, the song fit enough ok??at least part of it. a tiny part. but whatever. It was a damn good feeling and i was loving every second of the moment. until…

you asked how i can remember the very details of that day?

these freakin green big fat flies suddenly came and pretty much grossed up my Lucky moment. jerks. so much for the romantic fantasy and whatnot. I took some snaps with my cellphone cam, and i recorded all the details of when and where those magic feelings started dawning on me. (lame and harlequin-ish choice of words, i know i know, but the heck, you know what i mean).

so ladies and gentlemen, and spammers, as you can see, i do have happy moments. moment. did have. whatever. and the song. it does still make me smile.


I should know when to stop running

so i was on the way back home from school just now. i didnt get any good sleep for couple of days so i just couldnt freakin wait to get home and rest my ass on the bed. so i ran home.

im a quarter century old, and im still running on the way home like a 9 year old cant wait for having mummy’s lunch after school. im just super cool like that. or not. see i prolly wouldnt run (just maybe, who knows. so what if i run in front of people) if i had taken the normal way, which is like, where normal people would just take on and from the way school. but today?i took the special route, dangerous route, where the wild things are. well not exactly, but its still a jungle-ish dirt road and not so many people use it, so you dont wanna use it after dark, for example, or even before dark. so its dirt, rocky, lots of trees and birds, and from my place, its going uphill. the contour of my campus, just most of any other campuses in South Korea, is very hilly. and my school?i just happen to be so lucky to have the building at the highest ground of the whole campus, that if you go downtown or somewhere in radius 50000 km, you can turn your head, and say “oh, i know someone who studies in that building”. im even pretty much sure you can see it from Japan if only Fuji mountain was not blocking your view.
so yeah, the dirt road is indeed, pretty steep.
i was running down the steep hill, and i so-not-graciously fell and lost all my faith in all things beautiful in this world.
of course not. i was just soooooo grateful noone was around, cos a girl with big orange backpack, red blazer, bruno magli super shiny oxford, and wearing shades alone is a pretty weird sighting in a wood. a girl with big orange backpack, red blazer, bruno magli super shiny oxford, and wearing shades walking on a dirt road in the wood, fell to the ground ON HER FACE is a total hilarious catastrophe. i wouldve laughed my ass off if only she wasnt me.