Monthly Archives: May 2010

I should know when to stop running

so i was on the way back home from school just now. i didnt get any good sleep for couple of days so i just couldnt freakin wait to get home and rest my ass on the bed. so i ran home.

im a quarter century old, and im still running on the way home like a 9 year old cant wait for having mummy’s lunch after school. im just super cool like that. or not. see i prolly wouldnt run (just maybe, who knows. so what if i run in front of people) if i had taken the normal way, which is like, where normal people would just take on and from the way school. but today?i took the special route, dangerous route, where the wild things are. well not exactly, but its still a jungle-ish dirt road and not so many people use it, so you dont wanna use it after dark, for example, or even before dark. so its dirt, rocky, lots of trees and birds, and from my place, its going uphill. the contour of my campus, just most of any other campuses in South Korea, is very hilly. and my school?i just happen to be so lucky to have the building at the highest ground of the whole campus, that if you go downtown or somewhere in radius 50000 km, you can turn your head, and say “oh, i know someone who studies in that building”. im even pretty much sure you can see it from Japan if only Fuji mountain was not blocking your view.
so yeah, the dirt road is indeed, pretty steep.
i was running down the steep hill, and i so-not-graciously fell and lost all my faith in all things beautiful in this world.
of course not. i was just soooooo grateful noone was around, cos a girl with big orange backpack, red blazer, bruno magli super shiny oxford, and wearing shades alone is a pretty weird sighting in a wood. a girl with big orange backpack, red blazer, bruno magli super shiny oxford, and wearing shades walking on a dirt road in the wood, fell to the ground ON HER FACE is a total hilarious catastrophe. i wouldve laughed my ass off if only she wasnt me.


I’m a really nice person. Basically.

I never really mean to hurt anyone without any valid reasons, i can promise you that. So i beg you not to make me sad 😦 so we can have a cheerful world where everyone is happy and jumping around barefooted on the grass.

Today, I was being insulted, for a very worthless reason. People of the internet, I’m officially sad and loosing faith in humanity.


shit happens, and im not loosing anything. oh, i lost a friend on facebook. well yeah, a facebook friend’s gotta do what a facebook friend’s gotta do. that is, defriend mean-and-not-so-cool friends. yes, i only friend with cool people. i know..i know..

right now, off to bed, seeking remedy in peace, with only one tiny problem. living in the most prestigious level of the building, peace is not really a word in mind when its raining. My top floor presidential suite is prone to heavy blow of wind which right now, is crazily thumping on my fragile windows. oooohhh i hope this place will last another year, at least till i graduate.

tomorrows another day!another dinner to cook!