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I hate these taxi drivers

for good reasons. most of them talk too much, they uninvitedly ask you personal things, and they are totally lacking of respect. especially when youre a girl, alone, and don’t look like either korean or white. at first all the talking was ok, until im sick with all the daring questions, and recently, the daring stare.

gawd, how can there are so many people in this so-called developed country, still thinking that staring up and down all over someone is something acceptable? it happened last time with me and Yulia. and last night, oh for goodness’ sake, last night was the pinnacle of the taxi drivers’ douchebaggery. I was so mad last night when my taxi driver turn around to examine me, stared at me up and down, that i wanna punch his old freakin ugly face, but instead i just said ‘just drive’. im still so angry right now, how i couldnt say it in proper korean that he was the face of uneducated trash and i feel sorry for his tiny old useless dick.

ive had enough of them. if any of you reading this happen to know a korean taxi driver or two, please tell them, it is nice to have a friendly driver, but being a disrespectful asshole, is a totally different story.