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oh hi, good morning!

its 7.30 AM, havent slept at all, and exams in 2 hours, tried to count the sheep, but i lost interest after the 5th sheep. sheeps are boring. i also tried to peel the dry skin on my sole but damn thats a bit gross. so i decided to write something. some crap. but before, a doze of little nice world i really need :

funny pictures of dogs with captions
see more dog and puppy pictures

cute pictures of puppies with captions
see more dog and puppy pictures

im quite into dogs. very much.
so yeah. dont you ever wish you have this pensieve bowl like the one in Harry Potter, just so you can put your thoughts in it and rest yourself with a blank head. and you know how those yoga people always tell you to empty your mind. thats bullshit. i can never empty my mind. i dunno bout you tho. if someone tells me to empty my mind, my mind will be filled with “empty my mind…empty my mind…”

and of course you cannot even try to sleep when people are starting to dry their (looooooong) hair and walk around with heels tiktok-ing and of course a bit shouting here and there. pass me the remote control please, i need to mute them. or a gatling gun.
oh and yesterday north korea shot some cannon to open air. to their own water, not violating any border. which drew the reaction from south korean, also to shoot the cannon to open air, not violating the border. somehow i think that was not a necessarily effective non-verbal communication. cept maybe for the fishes. and porpoises. if theres any.

imma try to count dolphins now. over and out with this little cuteness :

funny pictures of dogs with captions
see more dog and puppy pictures


I am an Austen heroine

A Catherine Morland that is.

I am Catherine Morland!

Take the Quiz here!

Now im a big fan of Austen’s works but i can never really get to finish Northanger Abbey book for not so obvious reason. nor the movie. i did watch the ending of the movie though. and this is what wikipedia says about Catherine Morland’s looks, “pleasing, and, when in good looks, pretty.” ahaha…memey likes that.

and so!the ajummas woke me up pretty early in the morning for some unannounced floor waxing. it was a heck of a nuisance which reminds me why i really need to get the hell out of this place. and ohmygwad, as if waking up early after a late night (or dawn, that is) was not enough, i had to encounter two freakin nekkid ladies at the shower who reaaaalllyyy took their time putting on lotion and dry their hair using the fan (fuck!its cold bitches!!) while still being, you guess, naked. Im not really fond of seeing naked ladies in our open shower. Its a ridiculous idea to think that we dont need any privacy at all while and after showering. eewgh. girls, cover up abit wouldya. not that i would intentionally see your parts anyway, but they come in my way and oh lord aint that annoying..i dont know how they dont feel awkward at all. all i need would be just a tiny cube and a curtain. thatll do.

this is a very lame post. i am deciding whether to put SNSD’s new single “OH” video or something else. gawd i freakin hate that bunch of bouncing bunnies and their super-shallow-but-money-making songs. so this is their video

NOT. I took that video, actually, and im so proud of nothing that ill keep saying that. and its not like they will sue me for embedding the video on my blog, right?i mean, cmon, the vid wont even exist without ME. and christian even asked me if i wanna make some lyrics for the band!!to which i came up with,

Cozycot next to the pot
Stay away from my hangout spot

it aint finished yet but guess the lord of dipshitness thinks it might not suitable for a death metal band song. oh well, your loss!!one day youll hear that lyrics on MTV, buddy!and youll regret your ass off youll crawl back at me asking me to make more lyrics about sofa and exercise balls!


and after this row of bullshit, imma go for dinner now. that is, some myanmar food from Lawun. i love asian food (but not korean and japanese), especially the free ones. over and out.