I hate these taxi drivers

for good reasons. most of them talk too much, they uninvitedly ask you personal things, and they are totally lacking of respect. especially when youre a girl, alone, and don’t look like either korean or white. at first all the talking was ok, until im sick with all the daring questions, and recently, the daring stare.

gawd, how can there are so many people in this so-called developed country, still thinking that staring up and down all over someone is something acceptable? it happened last time with me and Yulia. and last night, oh for goodness’ sake, last night was the pinnacle of the taxi drivers’ douchebaggery. I was so mad last night when my taxi driver turn around to examine me, stared at me up and down, that i wanna punch his old freakin ugly face, but instead i just said ‘just drive’. im still so angry right now, how i couldnt say it in proper korean that he was the face of uneducated trash and i feel sorry for his tiny old useless dick.

ive had enough of them. if any of you reading this happen to know a korean taxi driver or two, please tell them, it is nice to have a friendly driver, but being a disrespectful asshole, is a totally different story.


And one week later..

this infamous poster pretty much sums it up.

The Lord Has Gone!!

..into oblivion…not. Thanks to Skype, and not so thanks to the crappy MSN. The Lord of Dipshitness aka the boyfriend just moved to Copenhagen on the first of September. Pretty sentimental cos the day marked the start of our (then) new life in Korea, when we started the school back in 2008. And he ended his Korean life right on the same date. ah~life..
And then there were none, but me. No more trips to seoulslashgwacheon every weekend or so, no more..hm yeah, all in all the meaning of his presence in Korea was just that i got to go to Seoul every weekend without spending much for accommodation.
jk. I know he reads this stuff. Joking, My Lord!!please don’t cyber whip me with your cyber belt!

Anyway, yeah..back in Gwangju now. Ah~so hard to see a departure, especially when you’re the one left behind. Everything is so near yet so far. Remembering good times when we were living in Sinchon.  Wondering will you ever go back to Gwacheon, the city we want to live in forever (i didn’t make that up, it’s really their tagline). How the pretty cat we usually fed tuna and spam and cheese will miss us.  Oh and the band. The death metal band. How I’m so gonna miss sitting there at the club watching the gig, trying to stay awake and look like an enthusiastic fan/girlfriend. Seriously, death metal makes me sleepy.

This kinda makes me wanna sing Nelly Furtado’s why do all good things come to an end..come to an end..

To add the sentimental value, here’s a photo of us, in our romantic as per usual state:

by the look of his veins, think he really wanted to beat the crap out of me.

yeah yeah be good there, Bibi..

(and the goddamn budaejjigae *shiver* the only good thing about his leaving is that I don’t have to eat it anymore).

quote me (revisited)

i ended the previous post abruptly somehow and of course i feel obliged to finish it the proper way. so some more precious bits from me and i’m ready for a book contract, publisher darlings!

~school personality and home personality, they do exist.
~time heals, water heals, and so do shoes.
~at one moment you might regret what you have said or haven’t said, but nothing can fix the feeling of not saying the right thing at the right time, and sometimes all you can do is press it down to very back of your mind and hope the next stupid moment to come to layer it.
~i know some people of whom i can tell them “i love you dearly, but i don’t like you in presence”, just like what Tony Bourdain’s mum said about him.
~Lay’s is the best potato chips ever.

oh dear, nothing more coming from my exhausted brain. i just came from a city trip with LOTD, visiting some old korean tomb and shopping some asian gourmet. shouldve jotted them all down before..ill be back later..

quote me

sometimes when i feel not on top of the world, or when i feel like being the wisest person because of the sufferings i had to go through, i resume my situation and knowledge in several words in a sentence or two, and hoping someday people will quote me the way they do Abraham Lincoln, for example. or Marilyn Monroe. or Sarah Palin. heck if Sarah Palin can be quoted, why can’t i?
so here are some of my gems. i might make a book someday. when i grow up. or when i’m an A-list celebrity.

~I believe chili is a rudimentary element of every dish.
~Every dish taste better when they have chili in it.
~I don’t need my family or my boyfriend to badmouth me. OOh no, i have a handful of people ready to do the job out there, thank you very much.
~Facestab, no backstab.
~All you need to make yourself happy is believing that you are happy. Doesn’t always work, but then so what. Placebo is better than nothing.
~The calming effect of smoking cigarettes takes place when you integrate puffing and shutting your mouth.
~Polishing shoes is good for your mental health.
~When you wanna do number 2 but lacking off the pressure, imagine yourself being on a bus and the next stop is 3 hours away.
~Smile in the morning when you wake up, the rest of the day will go better.

A Question To Ponder

because i’m such a philosopher. how can you tell that you really know me?my life is so full of layers that if you peel it one by one youll always find something new about me. i move on, every single day i add new layer, but what makes my life today is the layers ive piled before. it is exciting to find the other self of someone’s, but it’s unnerving to realise that it’s almost impossible to really know someone, because there are just too many things to uncover. what im saying is, youve had the idea of who i am, but when i give substance to what ive become from who i was, you realise how abstract the complete me is to you and you most probably just have to say “oh, thats how your life rolled?but i shouldve known, of course” guess that will always make everyone’s a stranger to everyone. well..just talking bullshit.

niwei, im almost done with the semester.taking an early holiday. and tomorrows my 26th birthday and im completely frigid about it.

I should know when to stop running

so i was on the way back home from school just now. i didnt get any good sleep for couple of days so i just couldnt freakin wait to get home and rest my ass on the bed. so i ran home.

im a quarter century old, and im still running on the way home like a 9 year old cant wait for having mummy’s lunch after school. im just super cool like that. or not. see i prolly wouldnt run (just maybe, who knows. so what if i run in front of people) if i had taken the normal way, which is like, where normal people would just take on and from the way school. but today?i took the special route, dangerous route, where the wild things are. well not exactly, but its still a jungle-ish dirt road and not so many people use it, so you dont wanna use it after dark, for example, or even before dark. so its dirt, rocky, lots of trees and birds, and from my place, its going uphill. the contour of my campus, just most of any other campuses in South Korea, is very hilly. and my school?i just happen to be so lucky to have the building at the highest ground of the whole campus, that if you go downtown or somewhere in radius 50000 km, you can turn your head, and say “oh, i know someone who studies in that building”. im even pretty much sure you can see it from Japan if only Fuji mountain was not blocking your view.
so yeah, the dirt road is indeed, pretty steep.
i was running down the steep hill, and i so-not-graciously fell and lost all my faith in all things beautiful in this world.
of course not. i was just soooooo grateful noone was around, cos a girl with big orange backpack, red blazer, bruno magli super shiny oxford, and wearing shades alone is a pretty weird sighting in a wood. a girl with big orange backpack, red blazer, bruno magli super shiny oxford, and wearing shades walking on a dirt road in the wood, fell to the ground ON HER FACE is a total hilarious catastrophe. i wouldve laughed my ass off if only she wasnt me.