quote me (revisited)

i ended the previous post abruptly somehow and of course i feel obliged to finish it the proper way. so some more precious bits from me and i’m ready for a book contract, publisher darlings!

~school personality and home personality, they do exist.
~time heals, water heals, and so do shoes.
~at one moment you might regret what you have said or haven’t said, but nothing can fix the feeling of not saying the right thing at the right time, and sometimes all you can do is press it down to very back of your mind and hope the next stupid moment to come to layer it.
~i know some people of whom i can tell them “i love you dearly, but i don’t like you in presence”, just like what Tony Bourdain’s mum said about him.
~Lay’s is the best potato chips ever.

oh dear, nothing more coming from my exhausted brain. i just came from a city trip with LOTD, visiting some old korean tomb and shopping some asian gourmet. shouldve jotted them all down before..ill be back later..


2 responses to “quote me (revisited)

  1. so where’s the next post why are you slow i wanna read more, angus!

  2. be patient, young grasshopper.

    p.s. I know who you are! You are indeed my admirer, but it’s not even a secret!

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