when the day starts with rain

there aint nothing good can happen, eh?or maybe not. well my day started just as fucked up as it can be. i was waiting just to get the hell outta here, i would kill to get some lunch 50 meters away from this shithole, but hey!just stay in the darkroom!its raining!youll get wet and shit!
damn tell me that im an adult and totally responsible for whatever is happening in my life. ive got one of the most boring vacations ever in my life, and i can totally blame myself for that. when i choose one thing, i leave out another thing, i can totally understand that, and thats my choice. so whatever happens i should be happy cos hey?i chose to do that. right?riiiight. i have no right to complain whatsoever, cos your life is your fully responsibility. right?riiight.
so this is what im gonna do. imma get dressed and get a very nice lunch and spend the day with one sole purpose : not hating the world. rain?fuck that shit.
oh and last night was windy’s farewell party. heard it was pretty cool. i must be sitting here alone staring at the monitor when all the hype went on. the story of my life. ill do better next time.


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