back in seoul for the rest of the holiday

im a bum. no, seriously. im homeless. had checked out of the dorm, but havent moved in yet to the new apartment. so until the new semester begins, i will live relying upon the lord of dipshitness’ mercy in seoul. nothing much worth writing so far, cept that my only hangout friend in gwangju is moving to finland this week. and whats a bigger pressure than seeing people moving on, leaving me stranded in a shithole all by myself. -insert all by myself by celine dion here and barf-

thats a video taken by christian of me freakin out on the crazy house in seoulland last week. man, cant blame me for that!the house was a total crazy and not lekker at all!even all the kids that we rode together with couldnt say a word cos they were too scared!!

you see that?you see that???thats an extreme ride that will pump your adrenaline!!the crazy house!the fukin extreme crazy house!


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