from tomntoms gwacheon

been almost 2 weeks here in seoul slash gwacheon, with nothing much happens so far. cept for the nonstop rain for few days, and pretty heavy snowfall this morning.and terrormight concert, which i didnt really see cos i was late and only catch maybe 30 seconds of their gig. and a pretty rough night..ooohh how i long for a nice peaceful sleep.
so im at tomntoms watching american idol 9 on youtube. nothing much to watch on the hollywood round. just judges saying yes and no and abit of stage performances.
gotta say staying in one place too long maybe not a wweallly good idea. at one point youd just worn out and numbminded, and all the frustration would just come out and splash around the wrong places. speaking from my own experience. i almost blew out of boredom in my last years of university, which was no wonder since i spent 6 fukin years of my life dabbling in poor grades and truck emission.
and ive spent like an hour here at tomntoms smoking room and hell thats way too long for me, im feeling restless and my body is trembling as im typing this. the latter might be because i havent got anything to eat since 7 hours ago, and my…whatever i ordered here, doesnt help.
and ohmygawd it was a journey to come here all the way. it was snowing and some parts of the road is pretty slippery, and im wearing my newest lace-up boots which have never seen snow since i bought it a month ago, so i was walking in snail-pace cos i wasnt sure if the sole is rough enough for the snow. gawd. what a very inneresting topic to write.

and just cant get enough of dog photos!

cute puppy pictures
see more dog and puppy pictures

cute puppy pictures
see more dog and puppy pictures


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