holiday..oh holiday

so since im gonna be in seoul for the coming few days spending my holiday in true style of laziness, i wont post anything on the blog, my dear loyalmaybenonexistentreaders.

the korean class is finally over, maybe to become my last ever korean class. come to think about it, i feel kinda sad, cos it all started about 1 year ago, my first korean language course, and now nothing at all. and my korean still sucks..oh well..

jump to 3:00 to see me speak in lousy korean.

and now the remaining 1 month of holiday!yeey!
yesterday i went to a concert, mm..yeah. a concert. pretty loud concert but guess im just getting used to it. but not about paying the entry fee tho..omg thats the hardest part of going to live gigs. lord of dipshitness has the video, but think ive gotta have the courtesy to ask for permission before posting it on my blog.

and now time to enjoy the holiday! laundry! dishes!


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