my fortune cookie says today..

“The first step to better times is to imagine them”

and whats the next step?hello?

see this is the problem: they only give incomplete wise words. the first step is imagining?well okay, ive been doing THAT for years. im waiting for you chineses to give me a clue about at least the second step. didnt you guys invent this thing in full sets?like, better times set, or relationship set (first step to a good relationship is trust. second is private eye and good lawyer) something like that.

well anyways. imagine. imagine myself as a culinary reporter. or food critic.
“Today’s food at the hakseng shikdang is more or less as disgusting as yesterday’s”
hakseng shikdang = 학생 식당 student restaurant/canteen/cafeteria/slum diner where you can eat very cheap. no one can argue this.
or imagine myself as travel journalist!
“This part of the world is still gray and cold and boring. as seen through the tiny window in my room.”
I imagine my self fail.

and whats the point of this post?extremely nothing. cept to note that currently theres a samgyoepsal battle, where supermarkets, specially E-Mart and Lotte Mart, are fighting to give us the loyal consumers of the greasy SGS, the lowest price they can offer. E-mart’s currently at 680/100 gr, and Lotte 670/100 gr.

oh and i dont know why i never take any picture of any event i attend. i mean rarely. last Sunday i went to Christian’s band gig and i got no docs of my own at all. but maybe!maybe thats for the best, after all…regarding the concert..
so i reminded myself to take any picture of this moment. the blaring sun shines right thru my window onto my desk.




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