How To Be A Lady

I am currently living in a female dorm, on campus, sharing a room with noone, thank goodness. i was supposed to move in to an apartment last month, but shits happened, so i had to move back in to the dorm.
now. once i got penalty for not cleaning up my room. well i got more penalties for more other reasons you dont wanna know, but the office really wants to emphasize clean and shine dorm so whoever doesnt do cleaning, got minus point.
my room is my business. ill clean my side of the room if i feel like to. what the office overlooks is the fact that while our rooms are supposed to be as shiny as captain picard’s head, most people here know shit about keep the public place clean.
on my floor, the toilets sometimes are not flushed. that is a fact. these ladies, who mostly never come out of their rooms without their heels and full makeup and hairdo, some of them dont know how to flush. heck my room might be dusty, but i know how to use that stick to run the water to get rid of my shit down the bowl. (oh and i wash my hands after i do my business, note that, ladies).
they also litter. used tissues. everywhere. on the floor. outside the toilet. i mean, hello??what the heck did you do??wiped your skinny ass outside the cubicle???
and when you spill something, wipe!wipe!!use anything you can find!!or better, check the janitor corner!!

lobby trash

and this is the lobby of my floor. its inside the building, not on the street where some dump truck will come to fetch it, mind you. you come out of the elevator, and hello trash!piles of trash! dont they know how to reuse plastic bags???oh no, why bother?they can make better use of the plastic bags on their face. bet their boyfriends don’t know about this. sick.


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