establishing a new blog is such a pain in the ass, and U-KISS is so annoying

i was reading comic scanlations (Nodame is over!!i didnt know!), just like any other funky and hip and groovy and cool and popular 25 yo party girls would do on saturday night, when somehow my peaceful state was interrupted by this skinny dipshit known as christian aka the boyfriend. after showing up on my msn without any warning, he planted this idea that i should or better or whatever make another blog. that is, apart from the lousy friendster blog which i abandoned years ago. so i registered myself on wordpress. -turns out friendster blog is also a wordpress blog. puh.-
one simple thing leads to another. and another. and another. and hell lots of anothers. i registered at around 3 AM, and now its 6.32 in the morning. while many people would be sleeping soundly or burglarizing quietly, i was figuring out how to do the wordpress. successfully found out that if i want to fully personalize the theme, i have to pay. money. real money. not imaginary one. which is the only kind of money i can afford to waste. cant say i managed to expert it yet, unfortunately. MAKE IT SIMPLER, DAMMIT.for the sake of all the techdorks’ !
now i wanna sleep.
and i hate manmanhani. thats that song by the boyband ukiss, fyi. it stinks and its fukin everywhere.


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